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Home Theater and Entertainment

The exciting experience of seeing a movie on the big screen at the cinema has been an American pastime for the past century; the lights, the sounds, the smell of fresh popcorn, and sitting on the edge of the seat with your friends and family. The advances in home theater entertainment technology makes a trip to the cinema a thing of the past. Let our professional home theater specialists show you how amazing we can make your home theater experience, so you can enjoy any movie and TV show with cinematic quality, from the comfort of your own home, where the seats are far more comfortable.

The TV is the focal point of any home theater system, and the options are almost endless, and with advancing 4k technology, the options can be truly stunning. Audio Adrenaline proudly carries Samsung, Sharp, and Sony, and we are endlessly pursuing the most advnaced technologies. 

A/V Receivers & Amps
What's the theater experience without stunning immersive sound? We carry receivers and amps by Marantz, Savant, and Sonos, for seemingly endless possibilities to supreme audio systems. 

Speakers & Surround
Speaker options are a pivotal point in a home audio system, and we here at Audio Adrenaline custom-taylor every speaker system to your home's design. We offer the best speakers in the business by Current Audio, Artisan, Leon, Totem Acoustics, and sonos. We can suit any floorplan and layout, for the very best audio quality in your home theater, no matter how big or small. 

Screen Projection
For the seriously epic cinema experience, we carry options for truly awesome video projectors and screens. Choosing screen projection is absolute excellence in the way of home theater. Audio Adrenaline pairs projectors by Epson, Vivitek, and Sony, with screens by Screen Innovations, for the very best picture quality for any home theater. 

The First Step
Making the leap into any home theater can seem intimidating and sometimes overwhelming, but the home theater specialists at Audio Adrenaline have dedicated over a decade refining our expertise, and can make the process for you as stress-free and easygoing as possible. We can find a solution for any home or business, and just about any budget. The first step in the process is to let us perform a totally free at home estimate, where we will evaluate your space and needs. At this point we will offer your options. After that, we will begin the process of building your ideal home theater system, and we will strive to exceed your expecations, so you never have to feel that you must go to the cinema for an exciting movie-watching experience.

We offer our home theater services to the Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey, Cottonwood, and Sedona areas. Call or visit us today to schedule your free home theater estimate!

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